CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company Limited (BHDC) was established in Feb. 27th, 2008, which is subordinated to CNPC. The headquarters of BHDC is located in Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) in Binhai New Area, which is one of the most dynamic and prosperous districts in China with superior location and convenient transportation.

BHDC is the specialized petroleum engineering technology service company with the capability of drilling, downhole operation, acidizing, fracturing, wireline logging, mud logging, directional drilling, cementing, R&D, etc. It has the assets of 5.1 billion USD, the staff of more than 30,000 including 154 specialist and 43 technologists, and the working crew of more than eight hundred. BHDC has undertaken petroleum engineering services for more than 20 oilfields throughout the whole country, and the overseas markets mainly in Venezuela, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Myanmar and Mongolia, etc.

Relying on the philosophy of development powered by characteristics, the company will continue to carry out the strategy of innovation, energetically foster the special technology, and completely promote the core competitiveness. The technologies of extended reached drilling, ultra-deep drilling, horizontal drilling, drilling mud, remote sonic imaging logging, nuclear & magnetic resonance logging, mud logging, synthetic interpretation & evaluation, wellsite data remote transmission system are on the leading position in China. The company has the exclusive pilot-island mobile drilling rig, electric drilling rig, top drive, LWD, imagine logging system, mud logging unit, HQ 2000 fracturing trucks, coiled tubing, three-phrase separator, etc., which are superior to the same industry.We are able to develop and manufacture MWD,LWD, mud logging unit, and DML series products.

Based on the scientific principles with the purpose of establishing the outstanding internationalized petroleum technology service company, we are sure to provide the integrated services to the customers home and abroad.

For more detail, please refer to http://bhzt.cnpc.com.cn/bhzten