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Integrating R&D and manufacture of logging and perforating equipments,CNPC Service provides the wireline conveyance services including logging data acquisition, logging interpretation and evaluation, geological research, logging while drilling, geological guidance, perforating and other services,  The average workload is over 120,000 logging runs per year.


Open Hole Wireline Logging

Equiped with EILog logging system of full intellectual property rights, CNPC Service provides a series of logging services such as conventional logging,multi-array induction imager logging, high-resolution array laterolog imager logging, micro conductivity imager logging, multi-pole array sonic logging, azimuthal remote acoustic reflection imager logging, ultrasonic imager logging, nuclear magnetism logging, elemental capture spectroscopy logging, etc.


Cased-hole Wireline Logging

CNPC Service offers the integrated Cased-Hole Solutions including PLT, casing inspection, cementing evaluation and remaining oil distribution logging services,It has developed three categories of technologyes related to injection & prodcution profile description, wellbore integrity and remaining oil distribution evaluation.



CNPC Service provides a series of perforating services including conventional perforating, horizontal perforating, fracture perforating, super deep penetration perforating, clustered perforating, etc.


Logging While Drilling

By deploying near-bit geosteering drilling system and LWD/MWD system of full intellectual property rights,CNPC Service offers the integrated Logging-While-Drilling services including Directional Telemetry Survey logging, Wave Propagation Resistivity logging, Gamma Ray Laterolog logging, Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Induction Resistivity Logging, Controllable Neutron Porosity logging, etc.


Logging Data Interpretation and Evaluation

For the exploration well logging interpretation, CNPC Service provides detailed descriptions of the geological characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs, conduct research on reservoir fluid distribution regularities based on single well fine interpretation and multi-well correlation, and determine and confirm parameters such as reservoir control factors, reservoir types hydrocarbon and water contact surface, etc. Combined with comprehensive information such as logging, wireline, mud logging, geology, coring, and other lab data,CNPC Service provides well logging data interpretation and evaluation of production wells to dicover oil & gas environment and increase single well oil production as the final target.