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CNPC Service delivers a wide range of technologies, services and equipment related to geophysical prospecting to the oil and gas industry worldwide. It is engaged in seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation, reservoir geophysics, borehole seismic, micro-seismic, GME and multi-client surveys, equipment manufacturing and software R&D. CNPC Service provides geophysical prospecting solutions that integrate acquisition, processing, and interpretation with respect to complex issues of oil and gas exploration and development on customers' requests.


Seismic Data Acquisition

CNPC Service offers seismic data acquisition operations and services at difficult surface landforms such as complex mountains, jungles, deserts, loess tableland, swamp, lakes, tidal and shallow water regions, and deep sea. We provide 2D, 3D, high-resolution seismic image, 3D VSP, 4D, multi-wave and multi-component seismic acquisitions.Its annual aquisition capability reaches 200,000 kilometers of 2D data and 85,000 square kilometers of 3D data.


Seismic Data Processing

CNPC Service supports its largest seismic data processing center in Asia with the most advanced parallel computers whose floating-point computing speed reaches 2487 trillion times per second and self-developed software packages GeoEast.Its annual processing capability reaches 300,000 kilometers of 2D data and 200,000 square kilometers of conventional 3D data.


Seismic Data Interpretation

Supported by hundreds of workstations and multiple VR systems with advanced software, CNPC service develops a serials of interpretation techniques, such as:
• Analysis and evaluation of basins and plays
• Foreland over-thrust belt structural interpretation
• Complex fault block structural interpretation
• Carbonates paleo-karst reservoir prediction
• Subtle oil/gas reservoir exploration
• E & P virtual reality interpretation


GME & Geochemistry Exporation

CNPC Service has developed and formed gravity geomagnetic prospecting, MT, AMT, HFMT, CSAMT, CEMP electromagnetic prospecting technology. It can provide several of services, such as hydrocarbon exploration, comprehensive exploration of complex geologic structures, development and monitoring of oil-gas fields, exploration of minerals and geothermal and groundwater resources, civil engineering, quality supervision and structural tests of constructions, detection of underground objects, investigation and evaluation of environmental and geologic disasters and integration and development of RS, GPS, and GIS.


Multi-Client Data Library

Based on its latest advancement in acquisition and processing technology, CNPC Service also offers high quality Multi-Client geophysical products and services in land, ocean, TZ, data reprocessing, risk exploration and other fields to global oil companies. Its Multi-Client data library includes 360,000 kilomters of 2D data and 13,000 square kilometers of 3D data.