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CNPC Service's offshore business includes oil and gas well drilling and completion operation and technical support, sea jetting structure fabrication and construction, it is capable of providing natural gas hydrate drilling and testing services and sea platform well drlling operation at the sea water depth within 1500m.


Offshore Drilling

CNPC Service is capable of providing integrated drilling services in shallow water area within 120 meters. It has developed offshore drilling technologies with respect to directional drilling, cluster well drilling, extended reach drilling, high pressure jet drilling, batch drilling, casing drilling, long open hole section cementing, high sulfur reservoir drilling, seawater-based drilling fluids.
Down-hole operation
It provides integrated or turnkey dowhole operation service related on well testing,reservoir reforming and offshore structure installation
Engineering design
It provides project feasibility study, construction design, project management, site supervision and consulting services related on offshore oil and gas field exploration and development as well as drilling and completion,it can also undertake the designing, supervision, project management and turnkey engineering package service of various types of platforms,artificial islands, submarine pipelines, submarine cables (optical cables), single point mooring system, FPSO, mobile platform, land terminal facilities, pressure vessels and others.


Offshore Fabrication and Construction

CNPC Service provides land prefabrication of onshore modules and offshore structures, sea transport, installation and commissioning, submarine pipeline laying services with Marine Petroleum Engineering Contracting Level I qualification and DNV certification.

It provides coastal cross-sea area long-distance towing, engineering ship large anchor, ice zone operation, large tanker oil extraction, large catheter frame hoisting, sea pipe and underwater cable laying, all kinds of platform facilities security guard, firefighting, emergency rescue, pollution prevention, oil spill recovery, offshore crude oil transport operations and terminal Services.