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CNPC Service provides oil and gas work over, production testing, formation fracturing &acidizing, sidetracking, coiled tubing and snubbing operation and other downhole well intervention services.



It provides milled window in casing,forging and milling,cement plugging and other oil and gas work over services in different downhole conditions.


Fracturing and Acidizing

CNPC Service has developed and integrated industrialization of reservior reforming equipment technology, horizontal well segmentation and multi-cluster perforation technology, factorization  reservoir stimulation and parameter optimization technology, fracturing effect monitoring and real time evaluation technical system, It provides reservoir stimulation services including hydraulic jetting fracturing, carbon dioxide fracturing, high energy gas fracturing, crack microseismic monitoring and so on.


Coiled Tubing

CNPC Service has developed and manufactured various kinds of coiled tubing equipment.It provides sand washing, drilling, milling, gas lifting, fishing, back flowing, high pour-point oil unplugging, wax removal, ice-blocking removal and other work over operation services and well stimulation operations like fixed-point fracturing, split fracturing, uniform acid distribution, drag acidizing as well as drilling operation including slim hole drilling, underbalanced drilling and well deepen drilling, sidetracking horizontal wells drilling.


Well Testing

CNPC Service has developed oil and gas well testing technology that can be applied in different down hole temperatures under 230℃ and different wellbore conditions to meet with different operation requirements.It provides realted testing services including formation testing, surface metering of well output, slick line operation, well completion, PVT sampling analysis and reservoir interpretation and evaluation.


Snubbing Operation

CNPC Service has researched and developed more than 20 technologies on snubbing operation equipments and tools, it provides safe and pollution-free workover operation in wellbore of oil and water wells with pressure at wellhead.