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To ensure safe and efficient drilling performance, CNPC Service offers compound logging, hydrocarbon gas detection and analysis, geochemistry logging, element logging, geology data interpretation and evaluation, comprehensive geology steering, oil and gas production well monitoring services.


Geological Data Acquisition

By monitoring and analyzing cores, cuttings, sidewall coring and drilling fluids from lithology, mineralogy, the presence of oil and gas, CNPC Service is capable of constructing integrated logging profile, identifying the lithology and oil & gas show. It provides geochemistry, quantitative fluorescence, imaging, element (XRF), mineralogy (XRD), NMR logging, cuttings gamma logging and associated services.


Evaluation While Drilling

CNPC Service offers on site formation evaluation and provides integrated solution of geology and engineering to optimize the drilling performance and enhance oil layer drilling-encounter ratio by profiling division criteria, charts and spectroscopies analysis and correction, geology model simulation and computation.


Evaluation for Drilling Risk

By realtime monitoring of all drilling parameters and analyzing formation pressure & hydraulic parameters,CNPC Service provides analysis and prediction of possible risks in advance to avoid potential drilling accident and optimize the drilling performance.