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R&D the technology of whole oilfield services including geophysical exploration, drilling, logging,downhole operation and so on. CNPC Service acquires more than 2000 scientific and technological achievements which include 30 national awards, 560 CNPC awards and 82 technical edged tools. CNPC Service obtains more than 7,000 patents in total, 2138 of whinch are invention patents.

9 research orgnanizations, 17 national key laboratories and  basic research platforms.

EILog-HAL Array Lateral Logging Tool
BH-MWD175 Measuring While Drilling Device
KClog Cased Hole Imaging Logging System
Snow Wolf Logging Unit
BPM Intelligent Top Drive  Drilling System
Clustered Perforation Technology
CQ-TPML Through-pipe Memory Logging
Coiled Tubing Technology & Unit
Electro-hydraulic Cable Bridge Plug Setting Tool
BH-DMH Green Treatment Technology for Water Based Drilling Fluid Wastes