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CNPC service can provide well drilling and completion services for conventional wells,special craft wells,coal-bed wells, geothemal well,shale gas and shale oil wells, and undertake construction of underground gas storage structure, tool manufacturing and other related businesses.It is capable of drilling vertial wells,cluster wells, horizontal wells and multi-branch wells within 9000 meters located in mountain, plain, desert, ocean and other complicated environments.Total number of wells drilled per year is 20,000 with the total footage of 35,000,000 meters.


Deep and Ultra-deep Well Drilling & Completion

CNPC Service has developed a series of drilling equipments and tools suitable for drilling deep(4,500m to 6,000m) and ultra-deep wells( over 6,000m) in blocks with complicated geological conditions.It is competent of providing integrated solution at lowest cost by means of a number of approaches such as high pressure jetting drilling, customized bit design and high efficiency deviation control and other technical measures.The total number of ultra-deep wells drilled per year is over 100.


Directional and Horizontal Well Drilling & Completion

CNPC Service has developed software for well track control,wireless measurement while drilling, near-bit geosteering drilling system, various types of screw drills and other necessary measurement or control instruments and tools so as to provide drilling and well completion services in multilateral wells, extended reach horizontal wells, re-entry sidetracking, stepwise horizontal wells in stringers, SAGD horizontal wells and horizontal wells in ultra-shallow layers.Total horizontal wells drillied per year is about 3000.


Underbalanced Well Drilling & Completion

CNPC Service provides integrated technical solutions and services for liquid underbalanced drilling, gas drilling (pure gas,mist, foam and aerated drilling) and systematic underbalanced drilling by using a complete set of underbalanced equipments and softwares, total underblance wells drilled per year are over 600. 


Casing Drilling

CNPC Service is capable of providing services for single trip casing drilling and multiple trip casing is drilling with changeable bit.


Well Bolwout Emergency Rescue

CNPC Service has established the only well blowout emergency rescue team in China. The team has gathered the top technical experts and skilled personnel to develop emergency rescue technologies and has equipped with the first-class rescue equipment.Over the years,CNPC Service has conducted more than 40 rescue operation of well out of control and fire accidents,over 100 times of wellhead leakage treatment and well killing operation in Kuwait,Turkmenistan and other 6 countries as well as oil and gas blocks in China.